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Our product range consists of two main product lines, Plus and Premium. These lines were created based on the strict, and demanding requirements of the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture and CERTIS, the certification regulators.

The Angus-Aberdeen certification is a warranty seal for the final consumer of the authenticity, quality, and production rigor. Both certification entities carry out regular inspections and audits to verify that the required standards are met to guarantee the quality of the product.



The European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Portuguese Government have prepared a set of Norms / Regulations, in order to make the Control and Certification process verifiable, auditable, and trustworthy.

CERTIS aims to control and monitor these processes to ensure that the required specifications are met.


Angus Breeders Association of Portugal

The Association aims to support breeders in the most diverse issues, helps to certify the purity of the Aberdeen-Angus breed and the eradication of hereditary defects.

This association also regularly organizes events around the country and offers breeders’ training for the breed.

The Angus Breeders Association of Portugal has been the manager of the Aberdeen-Angus Portuguese Breed Pedigree Book since 1 January 2017.

Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture’s mission is to formulate, conduct, implement and evaluate policies on agriculture, agri-food, forestry and rural development.

The Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture, is the entity that approved the specifications in which Angus Heritage is governed to market its two certified lines, Plus and Premium.