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About Us

Angus Heritage is a brand B2B2C Brand working exclusively with certified dry-aged 100% Angus meat. The brand is part of Raizes do Prado, subsidiary of Portuguese conglomerate Panigest Group, and focuses on the trading of Angus cattle since 2013.

Our goal is to provide certified meat of the highest quality. Our two product lines showcase this, through our variety of cuts, going from the fine manual cuts, all the way to a variety of processed products.

What sets us apart as a brand is our expertise and care all through the lifecycle of the cattle. We respect every stage of the cycle and the animals, starting at the birth – where we emphasize the preservation of the genetic characteristics, with a special enphasis in nutrition, also working on sanitation needs, and going all the way to the slaughter, processing, and taking it to our customers.

Our cattle lives in open fields and have a very thoughtfuly created nutrition plan. These are the two pillar that we consider to be fundamental to reach our goal. We also consider the preservation of the genetic material to be relevant. This is an area in which we heavily invest every year to maintain the quality standards that the Aberdeen-Angus race requires.

Keeping the highest quality standard can only be achieved by working exclusively with the top producers of the race worldwide, this is the only way to maintain the excellence that our customers deserve.

Our selection of meat brings prestige to every table.